Merry money-making mobile marketing

Merry money-making mobile marketing


It used to be that buyers would visit dealership after dealership searching for the best deal, but that is far from true today. Today’s average buyer visits just 1.6 dealerships while car shopping, according to the Mckinsey report, and these mobile device-toting shoppers are increasingly educated as they roam the web comparing prices, hunting for deals, finding stores and checking inventory. While the buyers of yesteryear would flip through flyers and catalogs searching for the perfect car, smartphones and mobile search are now the go-to for supershopper inspiration.

Mobile search is huge for holiday buyers, who are looking for the best quality, not the cheapest deal. With 64% of mobile buyers turning to Google for ideas about what to buy before heading into stores, and 78% of mobile buyers having changed their mind about which dealership or OEM to buy from after searching on Google, it is obvious that mobile marketing is king. You can improve your reach by driving customers using our social optimization and digital reaction package. It’s vital to surround active buyers with strategically targeted email, custom display ads, interactive social media, and programmatic ClickMail to drive them to your website.

Marketers must bring value to customers both online and in-store. Offering buyers seasonal deals in the form of coupons, e-gift cards, and discounts that can be redeemed directly at the dealership can help put dealers ahead of the competition.

Finally, make your website mobile friendly. Fast-loading, informative pages are ideal for the mobile-savvy buyer. Think of questions buyers are asking themselves and then design your site to answer them by displaying your phone number, address, dealership hours, reviews, and product information prominently. Our reactive marketing strategy has proven to significantly enhance consumer engagement, frequency, and time spent on the dealerships’ website! With Conquest Automotive, you’ll have a very merry money-making mobile marketing strategy!

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